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Our Sanavita Ambassadors inspire daily those around them to be active, healthy, positive and confident and are motivating role models to the women in our community. Each of our Ambassadors has a different story, background and passion that make each and every one of them so inspiring.

Meet our Ambassadors

Sanavita Ambassadors Jan 2015

Laura LeMessurier
Sanavita Pillar Ambassador - Co Owner of Le Fitness Loft

Ever since I was capable of walking, active-living has been my way of life. I started skiing at the age of two and soccer became another passion shortly thereafter. Having played numerous other sports throughout my life as well, I was always interested in how the body moves and how activity benefited people not only in the way of fun, but for many health reasons as well. My passions and curiosity of the body led me to Halifax where i completed my bachelors degree in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University.
My degree has allowed me to open Le Fitness Loft, Kinesiology Clinic with two amazing partners, Mathieu and Linda. It has also guided me to help others achieve and improve health by doing what I have always loved to do -- MOVE!
Being an ambassador for Sanavita is amazing for many reasons; not only does the store have great looking, fashion-forward clothing and apparel, but it is functional too. The store's employees are extremely helpful and knowledgeable of their products and brands. Sanavita has created a community that promotes health throughout the West Island -- they take part in many events and even challenge themselves to create great events that have raised thousands for the West Island Women's Shelter.
I am proud to say that I am an ambassador for this store that cares, makes sure us women look great while working out, and has shown so much support to local businesses and individuals including myself.

Le Fitness Loft
2060 Trans-Canada (Behind Trevi)
Dorval, Quebec
H9P 2N4
Email: contact@lefitnessloft.com
Phone: 514-542-3555

Linda Linsenbarth
Sanavita Pillar Ambassador - Co Owner of Le Fitness Loft

We are all individuals with different passions and strengths that we develop as we grow into who we are today and who we become in the future. Our past experiences shape our attitude and give us character. So who am I you ask? I am Linda Linsenbarth, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an entrepreneur, and an amazing listener. I love to travel and see the world; I love being active and to try new challenges. I am a woman who adores all girly things (chocolate, shoes, shopping, wine etc.) and am determined to make the world around me a better happier and healthier place. What do I do? I am a Kinesiologist at Le Fitness Loft, a company that I co-own. I decided to take this path in life as it combines two of my passions; science and sports.

I am proud to represent Sanavita, a brand that showcases women of all sizes and backgrounds that have gotten together to listen to the women around us and create change and awareness to live a healthy lifestyle in our west island community.

Le Fitness Loft
2060 Trans-Canada (Behind Trevi)
Dorval, Quebec
H9P 2N4
Email: contact@lefitnessloft.com
Phone: 514-542-3555

Jeanie Harbour Lambrinos
Sanavita Pillar Ambassador - Owner of Crossfit de la Cité and Crossfit kids de la Cité

Woman, Wife and Mother of 3

I wanted to "do what I love" everyday so I opened my new home CFDLC (CrossFit de La cité) at the age of 41 with the soul purpose to do so. It's become my life motto.

I have "Superpowers “.

Besides being a mother, I’m a coach.

I help people find their beauty and inner strength.

I'm a passionate, generous and devoted person. I believe that you can be anyone or do anything you set your mind to. There are no limitations or dreams too big!

Be crazy, take risks, dream big and settle for nothing less then the best.

Life’s too short to be anything but amazing.

Enjoy the little things and don’t sweat on the things that you can’t control.

We are all beautiful creature and we deserve to be awesome.

In any given day you can find me at my home "CFDLC" coaching.

My day starts at the crack of dawn with two glasses of water and a large coffee of
course. I’m an early bird you can say. I truly enjoy sunrises and nature. Don't take me wrong I love shopping, cooking and entertaining are really relaxing for me.

My friends and family nicknamed me "Martha Stewart". I love loyalty and honesty in a person. I myself make time to train five times a week. Balancing a business and family life has become a new skill for me.

Remember; "I do what I love".

As a Sanavita Ambassador, I want to inspire ALL WOMEN to do what they love and find their inner power.

At 43, I truly believe I found my calling. It's never too late to change careers, go back to school, start training, set new goals and be the best version of yourself.

Be awesome!!

Jeanie Harbour Lambrinos

CrossFit de la Cité & CrossFit Kids de la Cité
Club D'Haltérophilie CFDLC

3650 Boul Cité des Jeunes
Vaudreuil-Dorion , QC , J7V 8R2


Geneviève Labelle

I am a 45-year- old woman.

I work as Director of Finance for Tomra Canada, a company in the environmental
industry which offers technologies allowing for optimization of the ways we obtain and reuse World resources.

I am also a triathlete.

I train 6 days a week, either by swimming, running or biking.

These activities, I do them for myself only.

For the satisfaction I get from doing them.

The beauty in all of this: whether we train with a specific performance objective, or simply for pleasure, the benefits remain the same.

No need to participate in competitions or train 6 days a week to be active.

All we need to do is find OUR activity or sport.

The one that makes us want to practice, makes us proud, and gives us energy and happiness.

The values I live by are the following:

• Respect for others, but also for ourselves

• Authenticity: to be yourself a little more each day

• Humility, no matter the academic, professional or athletic achievements. It is important to me that the people I surround myself with remain humble and

When I was offered the opportunity to become an Ambassador for Sanavita, I was incredibly touched, but also very surprised…

I couldn’t understand how I could be perceived as inspiring…

I now believe that it is because I am a woman just like any other, and people can easily relate to me.

Not only do I LOVE this boutique, but I also really believe in the Sanavita Mission.

I myself have two children, a husband, a job….

As a woman, I am proud to take the time to ensure that I maintain a healthy and active lifestyle allowing me to take care of both my family and my work… once my training session is over 😉

Maki Kusano
Sanavita Inspirational Ambassador - Owner Three Pumpkin Designs

I am a 53 year old mom of 3 pumpkins who are my constant source of love and inspiration. When I am not designing jewelry, I can be found in various arenas and pools watching my kids play hockey and waterpolo. I am also a confirmed Crossfit addict and spend at least 4-6 hours a week at Coexiste Crossfit, lifting, running, and sweating profusely. Crossfit has helped me achieve goals that I never thought I could attain in my 50’s. Over the last 2 years, I have run obstacle courses, 5Ks, competed in team and individual Crossfit competitions and have even made it to the podium. I am surrounded by a community of all ages that supports me in all aspects of my life. I am a strong, healthy and capable woman who believes that all women (especially young women like my daughter) need to readjust their objectives when its comes to body image. Focus should be on strength and getting stronger, not on aesthetics and the images that we are constantly bombarded with in the media. You are definitely never too old to start something new and I hope I can inspire even just one woman to take the first step.

Three Pumpkin Designs

Constance Lambrinos
Sanavita Inspirational Ambassador

I believe that everyone has a purpose in life to be the best version of themselves I found mine through Crossfit and weightlifting. Being the youngest, I always looked up to my siblings whether they were achieving their goals in school or in sports, it
taught me to strive to achieve my own personal goals by ensuring my dedication, commitment level and desire to be the best version of myself yet in a healthy competitive manor to out perform my siblings who I looked up to and I wanted them to be proud of me.

My early childhood started with soccer, swimming and dance.

Throughout my journey along came figure skating that I enjoyed and thrived in this sport until the age of 14, then along came crossfit.Crossfit has really helped me build confidence and appreciate the overall athlete you have to be in order to be able to do all the disciplines required in crossfit.

In 2015 I found my true calling when I participated in les Jeux du Québec in weightlifting with only 3 months of training under my belt. I came out 4th in my weight category. I’m currently training and performing for all of Quebec’s championships that allow me to compete at a higher level.

In the Crossfit Opens of 2016 I was ranked 11th in the division of 16-17 RX teens in the Canada East region.

I have many inspirations but I would say that the ones who have inspired me most are Lauren Fisher, Brooke Wells, Julie Foucher and my mom Jeanie Harbour.

In life when you truly love what you do you're passionate about it and want to
succeed. Don't let anyone stop you from what truly makes you happy.

As a 16 year old graduating from high school I still have a whole life ahead of me and so much to accomplish that I will continue to focus on being a better person and enjoying every moment.

"Be a bad ass with a good a$$."-Consty

Athlete @ Crossfit De La Cite & CFDLC club d’haltérophilie.

Audrey-Ann Lambrinos
Sanavita Inspirational Ambassador

I can be spotted at 4 of my favorite spots; Starbucks – because there is never enough coffee one can have, the nail salon – because a girl always needs her nails groomed but more often than not, my local Crossfit box CFDLC – which has become my second home and lastly I can be seen shopping looking for the latest trends in active lifestyle apparel at yours truly, Sanavita.

Eldest of three children, I believe I’m the born fashionista of the Lambrinos clan – thriving in always finding the best workout outfits for my active lifestyle.

This interest in leading an active lifestyle comes from the values my parents imprinted in me from having me participate in any physical activity I wanted to pursue as a child; figure skating, soccer, ballet dancing, skying, gym, yoga…For the past two years, my interest has shifted to Crossfit. Not only a sport in which I invest my effort, body and time in, but more importantly a community in which I truly am attached to.

I am not the strongest out there or the fittest the world, but I do believe in being the best version of myself and pushing through when faced with a challenge. There truly is something that brings a smile to my face when I walk through the doors of CFDLC and hear the sound of a dropping barbell. Every muscle in my body, scare on my ankles and shins, calices in my palms and multiple bruises on my thighs are my trophies, my little victories that keep me going and that push me to obtain limits I never knew I can reach.
As part of a very active community at CFDLC, I try to be a role model to any athlete that may be watching. I’m truly invested in working with athletes in getting better at the sport we live for. I hold a cause close to my heart which is fighting any insecurity and confidence issues anybody may be having. We only have one life to live, on body to live it with and multiple opportunities to make our world shine!

Truly honored, humble and excited to be part of the Sanavita Ambassadors and to stand amongst some very inspirational women in our community. Get ready, join the movement and make sure to follow my cause by using #strongisbeauty as your daily motto! @audreyanndl

10 things you should know about me…
1. I’m a lef-handed. (Yes, I’m a lefty ☺ )
2. I’m mother to Bentley, an amazing English Bulldog.
3. Pink is my favorite color.
4. Vanilla lattes are the way to my heart
5. My favorite athletes are without a doubt Ronda Rousey and Brooke Ence.
6. I LOVE sweet potatoes
7. Booty shorts and longer shin socks, without a doubt.
8. Overhead Squats are my favorite – I don’t mind bicep curls either 😉
9. Locho Mocha – More Muscle, Progenex is my Protein of Choice
10. “Bahama Mama” & “Tuck it in my Tux” are my favorite Essie nail polish colors.

Marie-Ève Quirion

Mom of a 3 year old boy, owner with my husband of the restaurant at lunch Obodum in Saint-Sauveur.

I have not always had a "healthy" journey.

Far from it, 10 years ago I did not even have a pair of sneakers in my collection of high heels. On the other hand I always had a lot of energy and above all I never listened to people telling me that I could not do anything.

Then one day I signed up to travel from Montreal to Québec by bike to raise funds for cancer. It was for me a really important cause and I wanted for once to have the feeling of helping.

I had no experience in long distance activities, no shorts, no helmets and even worse no bikes. Although many people believed I was to fail, I finally succeeded in my challenge and this was the beginning of my active life.

It's been 10 years now !! What is good when you push your limits is that you always want to try to push them a little further. Challenge after challenge. Then one day I tried a triathlon and it became my passion.

I'm not the best in any of the three disciplines. On the contrary, I often come in last, but for me the important thing is to love what I do, to have have and never to be discouraged by anything or by anyone.

I find it important to always try new things, to trust yourself, to believe in our abilities and above all to believe that we can realize our dreams.

I have always been a customer of the Sanavita store, since the store opened.

Before co-owning a restaurant, I was in the field of fashion, so a shop where I can find sports articles of different brands, styles and colors that are incredibly comfortable is paradise on earth for me!

When I was asked to an ambassador I was touched and excited to have the chance to represent a store with such a beautiful mission. That of the active woman, the strong woman, the woman who pushes her limits.

I hope as an ambassador I will be able to inspire women to believe that there is nothing impossible.

Marie-Ève Quirion
Co-Owner of Obodum restaurant