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Linda's Blog Post Aug 2016

Imagine trying to show a client how to do an exercise; getting into position to
demonstrate and then realizing that there’s NO WAY you can show that exercise!

That is when I first realized that this pregnancy is for real and there will be tons of
things in the next 4 months that I will not be able to physically do! Honestly, the first
20 weeks flew by and nothing was impossible, nothing! Until yesterday… when I felt
like a turtle stuck on it’s back unable to show my two clients how to do a Turkish

We all definitely had a good laugh.

Being active during pregnancy is important for many reasons. Here are a few
reasons why that I can tell you about so far:

1) Exercise gives you energy! Yes the first few weeks are exhausting… your
hormones are changing and your tiered! Taking a walk or doing a light
workout during those tiered period boosts your energy and keeps you going.
I would often go for a short walk at work and would immediately feel better
to continue on.

2) Its good for the baby. Some studies show that an active baby in the womb is
an active toddler, child and teenager.

3) Help you carry the baby and extra weight you gain. Strength training
allows you to keep your muscle mass; staying strong and having the
musculature to carry the baby while your center of gravity changes is really
important. Keeping active also allows your weight gain to stay within the
normal ranges during pregnancy. Lastly, it helps you get back into shape a lot

4) Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes. Keeping your blood pressure low
decreases the risk of developing diabetes type 2 during pregnancy. Exercise
has the fabulous effect of decreasing ones blood pressure following weight
training for a period up to 24hours.

5) Improves your self image. Your getting a belly… how fun can that get? It’s
funny because until your in a pregnant women’s shoes, you look at other
them and find them beautiful and glowing. Once you have your own tummy,
however, you may not consider yourself glowing nor beautiful. Exercise,
however has the positive effect of increasing your self-esteem and self image
(this is true for everyone –pregnant or not).

There are many more reasons why staying active during pregnancy is important. I
strongly encourage anyone who is looking to get pregnant or who is pregnant to
start being active. There’s nothing I could have done differently about my Turkish
getup… there’s no way I could crunch forward to show them that move. However,
there are still tons of exercises I can do and will continue to do during my last 19

Follow my blog as next time I will write about a few key exercises that can be
done at home without any equipment.

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