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“Bon voyage!”

According to the documentary ‘’ Happy '' our work, the wages we earn and our social status, actually affects only 10% of our happiness. If 50% of our aptitude for happiness is due to our genetics, there is still 40% that depends solely on the things we do to make us happy. Things that show us that life is worth living.

For my part, what gives me great happiness over long periods of time is to challenge myself with a goal and ensure I take all the necessary steps to reach my goal. I generally choose to challenge myself with friends who share the same passion.

Last Sunday, I completed my first Ironman. Of course I started with triathlons of Olympic distances (1,5 km of swimming, 40 km of bike and 10 km of running). I also completed a few half Ironman races (1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of bike and 21.1 km of race). I then realized that with the right training, I would be able to complete twice that distance.

In order to make this journey more enjoyable and to keep myself on track and accountable, I found a girlfriend who wanted to take on this epic challenge with me. We signed up a year ago. We had known each other for only a few months, but over the last year a deep friendship developed. We shared our fears, our successes, our difficulties to reconcile family / work / training, we shared our life stories ... One of my many friendships that would never have seen the light if I was not a triathlete. Triathlons and the friendships surrounding the sport contributes greatly to my “40% of happiness” of which I have control over and which I am happy to keep nourishing.

I will not tell you that I have lived only happiness during the 8 months of training that this feat has asked me. I sometimes felt like staying in bed, having a quiet coffee with my boyfriend or doing an activity with the kids. Especially when training in the cold or in the rain. On the other hand, I can tell you that the feeling of satisfaction is even greater when we challenge the little voices that try to distance us from our objective.

What I want to say this morning is: yes I have completed an Ironman and it's immense! But I'm no better than another. I often compare the training that precedes the event to a “journey" and the event itself to the "destination".

This achievement is due to rigorous hours of training and dedication. And my biggest achievement is that I managed to find a multitude of moments of happiness during the journey and a euphoria difficult to explain practically throughout the day of the Ironman event which I would refer to as the famous destination!

I sincerely believe that your psychological state has a huge effect on the way one feels physically.

I do not believe that by reading these words you will tell yourself: ‘’ That’s it !, I am signing up for an Ironman next year!”, because that is not what happiness means to you!

I believe, however, that sport, regardless of the form chosen or intensity, brings incalculable benefits. Not only from a physical point of view, but also from a psychological point of view, the pride that comes from it, the desire to eat healthier, to practice it among friends, spend time outside ... Not to mention dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and secreted endorphins that increase our motivation, confidence, and that reduces our stress.

I invite you to try to find YOUR destination and I wish you the happiest of journeys!