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In my perfect world...

Little girls would have the option to play and dream of becoming whoever their
little hearts desire. No presser from society to fit in.

Why not be different? Be pretty or prettier than the girl next door.

To be thin or thinner. We all come in different shapes and sizes with different DNA and abilities.

Strength or opportunities. Why not celebrate that?

Teenagers would embrace their bodies changing and growing into a woman.

They would support the girl next door that just doesn’t quite fit in. STOP the bullying.

They would get to know one another without passing judgment.

They would remind themselves that they are special and not to give themselves at any price or
because of peer pressure.

What if we teach our little girls the special gift of "empowerment" ? How you ask?

By leading by example. Every day to day. Surround them with strong and empowering women.

Show them that they can be beautiful and strong at the same time.

Support and love our differences. Let them feel the power of community.

I have two Daughters of my own and every day I teach the power of empowerment.

Let it be our legacy to the new wave of women for the future.

Jeanie Harbour Lambrinos
Owner CrossFit de La Cité & CrossFit Kids de La Cité
Owner Club D'Haltérophilie CFDLC
CF Trainer Level-2 / Kids Trainer / Gymnastics / Certified Weightlifting trainer

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