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If you think a triathlon is impossible, you’re wrong!

I haven’t always been very athletic…

If you think a triathlon is impossible, you’re wrong!

I had never done a single competitive sport until I decided that I could run a 10k, which I did in Ottawa in 2011.

Then, one thing led to the next, and I completed my first Olympic triathlon in 2012. I needed to learn how to swim properly, which I did by training in my 10m pool in an attempt to conciliate work, family and training.

I had neglected my bike training, which I had a more difficult time conciliating, but what a feeling of accomplishment and pride!

This was followed by a period in my life where I was doing many long hours at work, and needed to find a way to relieve the stress.

Is there any better way than through sports?

I started training more seriously, more vigorously.

Before this period in my life, I always did what I believed people expected of me.

This time, however, I had discovered a passion that was my very own.

My trick: I train the minute I get up in the morning, no questions asked. Otherwise, I have thousands of reasons not to do it. Every day, we have reasons to keep us from training, and every day the reason is different.

If we always wait until we have the time to train, we’ll never do it.

It’s true that it requires effort, organization and some sacrifices, but I sincerely believe that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

I start every morning with an athletic challenge J

Training also provides me with an incredible energy and joy, due to the endorphins and dopamine released during the workout.

This new passion has changed my life. I now define myself as an active woman, an athlete, a triathlete, a marathon runner, and soon I hope; an Ironman.

Geneviève Labelle