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In a world where women are constantly trying to live up to the pressures of having the "ideal body" - I say, live up to what you believe is your best self!

What really is the ideal body? Or really we should ask ourselves how important is it to really have that perfect body?

While being a HUGE advocate of healthy habits and living a fit lifestyle, I do not believe in the ideal portrayed by Fashion Magazines or Hollywood. I rather believe in the idea of being the best YOU think you can be.

I found that outlet with Crossfit, a sport or some would say a hobby in which I can come in for my 6PM WOD (workout of the day) and literally just escape in a bubble of fitness where I feel strong, where I feel beautiful but more importantly, where I truly feel bad ass - this, to me, is the definition of me being at my best self and interestingly enough - I get to see my body change from being a small skinny framed body to being one with muscle definition. Does it fit the ideal of what Vogue magazine would portray as "sexiest women on earth"? Oh hell no! But does it portray me feeling at my best and feeling confident in my body? Is that really a question? ??

Oh hell yeah!!!

I guess my main point in jotting down my feelings for this month's blog is that beauty truly is defined by confidence. In our case, us fitness oriented ladies that lead an active lifestyle, beauty is defined by our muscular quads, our bruised shins, our ever so sexy broader shoulders, maybe even some definition in our arms, ripped hands, caliced hands but most importantly by the height of our chins by walking tall and committing to thinking we are beautiful.

I once read "it takes 4 weeks for you to notice change in your body composition, 8 weeks for others to notice change on your body but it only takes 2 weeks to start feeling confident when you start believing you can achieve".

As a challenge, this summer commit to an active form of activity whether it be swimming, walking, running, Crossfit, yoga... and whenever you post on your social media feed, use #strengthisbeauty as a hashtag- I promise you'll start believing it and you'll definitely feel that your strength makes you sexy! ?I also think it can be a great way to start a supportive community in which we can bounce workout ideas off each other by checking out the hashtag! ?

I promise to use #strenghtisbeauty for all my posts on Instagram ??

Are you in? ?


? Audrey-Ann D. Lambrinos


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