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You are Enough

I've come to realize that we women place a big burden on our shoulders
wondering if we are enough... between the duties of being a good wife, the best mom,
succeeding in our careers and all the social media about being and looking fit.

Let's face it; most of us just want to feel good about ourselves.

For some new moms just getting a shower and a hot meal is enough. Let alone trying
to make it to the gym. The career women might juggle the workload and trying to
find time just to relax between work and family time.

We all have a story.

Some wear more on their shoulders than others.

Whatever is yours just know that "you are enough”.

Whatever your fitness goals are, take it with a big breathe of  "Time for Me"; not like a chore or a stereotype that social media wants you to take.

10, 20, 60 minutes dedicated to YOU! Start small. No big expectations.

Find a friend to support and empower each other. No negative thoughts!!!

Healthy positive vibes. Celebrate the smallest achievements, after all you achieved them!

Then set more Goals. You've got this. Just take the first step.

Here are some of my favourite things when I make "Time for Me" from Sanavita:

1. S'Well bottle. I swear by it and I never leave home without it.

2. Under Armour sports bras. You must have a sports bra that fits well .Pay a little more but it will last.
Support is important especially if you’re a new mom and you're breastfeeding.
Don’t be afraid to try many different models.

3. Nike Metcon . Important to have the right shoes. Running (runners or walkers)
and cross training does not have the same requirement. Make sure you ask your
consultant the right type for your sport.

4. Alo pants. A comfortable pair of leggings will go a long way. Make sure you take
good care of them. NO DRYER ever no matter if it says yes. It damages the elastic fibre in your pants.

5. Bling. Treat yourself with one of  3pumpkindesign's bracelets.

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